A list of poplar and funny male stripper name ideas – Please feel free to use any of these names for your own male stripper alter ego!

A good male stripper name should be eye catching and memorable.

Why? Because a male stripper name has a purpose.

If there isn’t a purpose – there’s no point in having a male stripper name.

NOW: The ultimate purpose of having a male stripper name is to get more work, make more money, have more bookings, whatever you want to call it.

If your male stripper name is memorable, chances are your clients won’t forget you, and will know who to request again when they want a dance.
The more memorable you can make yourself – the more work you will acquire.

And if your name is eye-catching, then clients will have their attention drawn to you over everyone else.
It’s very easy for customers to quickly skim over pictures of male strippers online, without actually paying any attention to any of them.
For an example of what this ‘skimming over pictures’ may look like on a webpage – click here to see an example of a male stripper hire page (this is what customers will see/be doing).
If you want maximum bookings, an eye-catching male stripper name will have customers stop scrolling, and physically look at your profile when deciding who to hire for their party.

So for the above reason’s I strongly believe that male stripper names should either be SUPER FUNNY or SUPER SEXY.
Both of the above types are memorable and eye-catching. In the below list I have included examples of both funny name and sexy names.

Now let’s get to the male stripper name list!

David Long Schlong

Billy Big Balls

Dick Large

Ivan Van-Dangler

Striptease Steve

Blue Steel

Tyson Knight




Bad-boy Brad

Black Python

Officer Spank

Midnight Mike

Seductive Saxon

Naked Nate

Dan the Dominator

Big Johnson


Aston Martin

Clark Kent


Woody McStiff

Big Chest Charlie

Marty McMuscles

Bicep Bruce

Officer Goodbum

Six-pack Sam

Tight Body Tommy

Caramel Carlos

Havana Helio

Latino Luciano

Frat-boy Fabian

Travis the Tank

G-string George

Full Monty Felipe

Captain Long Wood

Black Magic


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