“Male Stripper Academy has been producing the highest quality male strippers, who are professionally trained and passionate about entertaining women. If your hens night, birthday party, or whatever your celebrating, is important to you, then hire one of their professionally trained male strippers”

– Sarah M.


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Why are we the BEST?

‘Male Stripper Academy’ is the ONLY male stripper booking agency who extensively educates and coaches our hand-picked men in the art of male stripping.

ALL our male strippers have completed the Male Stripper Academy training program, consisting of dance technique tutorials & industry specific lesson’s.

When you hire one of our male strippers, you are getting a FULLY TRAINED PROFESSIONAL

How we revolutionised male stripping…

“Before I founded ‘Male Stripper Academy’, there was literally no way for people such as yourself, to know if they were getting a good or bad stripper. It was like a lucky dip! I’m not kidding!

If your event is special to you or someone else, why are you risking getting a dud male stripper?

An un-trained, un-coordinated, and sleazy male stripper from the local gym can ruin your night. I’ve heard & seen some horror stories in my time and it’s just not worth it. There are far to many gym junkies in this industry looking for some easy cash and women.

But we have changed that – now, you can rest easy knowing that our training academy has produced the highest quality Male Stripper can offer!”

Tommy “Gun” Harvey – Founder.


What do we do?

We send professionally trained male strippers directly to your home, hotel or venue.

We guarantee that the stripper you hire is the stripper you get!
If the stripper does become unwell before the booking, we will contact you with a list of replacements immediately.

We will refund you if your stripper arrives late, or if you weren’t satisfied with the show in any way! We are that CONFIDENT in our male stripper team!

Do you have a specific question? Email us!

About Male Stripper Academy

A dream of a better industry

Strippers turning up 2 hrs late, drunk, inappropriate during the show, lacking any sort of care of enthusiasm or just downright trying to ‘hit on chicks’ or maybe you got the wrong stripper you hired, or didn’t even show up! And that’s not the worst i’ve heard of…

This frustrates nobody more than ME! Why?

Because i’m a male stripper!

My name is Tommy “Gun” Harvey, and I founded Male Stripper Academy to change this industry permanently.
Terrible male strippers give us a bad name, and it’s in my best interest to change that.

That’s why I started to make it a requirement for all my male strippers to have completed my male stripper training program.

In this program all our strippers learn how to lap-dance, take control of a room, read body language and adjust their show’s to how the audience is reacting + more.

If this event is special to you or someone you are booking for, don’t put them through the experience of a bad male stripper.

How it works

  • Have ALL your booking info ready, including FULL address and dates finalised.
  • Enter your TOP 5 preferences for entertainers, in the online booking form.
  • Wait for our confirmation email to confirm your booking within 24hrs.
  • On your event date our entertainer/s will arrive and call the contact numbers provided when they are outside.
  • The performance price must then be paid directly to the entertainer/s. 
  • Have Fun!

Our strippers / entertainers

  • Provide their own music.
  • Each stripper has their individual policy on photos so please ask beforehand.
  • All strip shows will require a chair (with no arms) to be supplied for the special girl to be seated on.

Our Shows and Prices

The below performance price is what’s owed on the night in cash, directly to your male stripper. It does not include booking deposit, this is:
$49.50 for 1 entertainer, $71.50 for 2 entertainers, $93.50 for 3 entertainers.

Male Topless Waitering Prices and Options

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View our topless waiters, g-string waiters & butlers in the buff, check out their profiles, and see a variety topless waiters pictures to choose from. 

This is what our customers have said about Male Stripper Academy

Don’t just take our word! Women all over appreciate our expertise!
Hens night’s and birthday parties deserve only the best male strippers!

There’s nothing worse than getting a bad male stripper, that’s why i booked with “Male Stripper Academy”.

Trust me, when hiring a male stripper, you want someone who knows what they are doing.

I’ve booked bad male strippers in the past and it’s very awkward.

If you care about your Bride-To-Be, then get her someone professional!

Kaitlyn L.

Trust us to provide you with quality male strippers & trained professionals.

All our male strippers, topless waiters and specialist entertainers are available for hire.

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