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Sydney ‘Combo Package’ Entertainers

The below list is for the SYDNEY LOCATION ONLY – if you’re booking is located somewhere else – please use our location menu at the top of the page. 


Costumes: Policeman, SWAT, Paramedic, Tradie, Cowboy.

Shows: G-string, Full Monty, 30min show, Extras, Kiss a gram.

“Pretty boy Blake is every girls dream. He the certified ‘boy next door’ look and will have all the guest’s staring into his dreamy eyes!”


Costumes: Policeman, Fireman, SWAT, Army, Cowboy, Harry Potter.

Shows: G-string, Full Monty, 30min show, Extras, Kiss a gram.

“Dave loves animals (especially dogs) dirt bikes, and exploring the great aussie outdoors! If you want a really aussie bloke, you can’t look past Dave!”


Costumes: Cop, Fireman, Navy Officer, Tradie, Cowboy.

Shows: Kiss-a-gram, G-string show, Full Monty show, extras.

“Axe is a man who is not afraid to bare it all, his artistic personality and flamboyant showman skills will blow everyone away! This man is NOT shy and can keep a room cheering for the entire show!”


Costumes: Sailor, Gladiator.

Shows: G-string, Full Monty, Extras, Kiss a gram.

“Sean is Sydney’s top Personal Trainer, and well known fitness personality. His shows will not only be entertaining, but will give you a workout in more ways than you can imagine ;)”


Costumes: Policeman, SWAT, Pirate, Tradie, Cowboy, Nerd, Suit n Tie, Sailor, Pilot, Army, Superman, Doctor, Top Gun, Fireman, Navy officer.

Shows: G-string, Full Monty, 30min show, Extras, Kiss a gram.

“Wild child “Ellitot” is a real showman! After performing with some of the best in the world in the UK he is back home and ready to cut loose! If you want a WILD night – Book our WILD CHILD Elliot!”


Costumes: Policeman, SWAT.

Shows: G-string, Full Monty, 30min show, Extras, Kiss a gram.

“Our Hispanic lover ‘Stefano’ is a talented dancer in hip-hop & salsa, and is often seen teaching dance classes when he’s not stripping down! If you want a little romance – book Stefano!”