Male Striptease Choeography Service

International male stripper Tommy ‘Gun’ Harvey is now providing professional male striptease choreography services & packages, catering to all needs and requirements. 

Who Is Tommy?

With 10+ years experience working in the male stripping industry internationally – Tommy ‘Gun’ Harvey has built himself a reputation on providing a new style dynamic male striptease performance.
His solo act’s and choreography have been featured in ‘Aussie Heat’ in Las Vegas, ‘Pink Flamingo Spiegelclub’ in Gold Coast – Australia, ‘Adonis Cabaret Show’ in UK, ‘BadBoys Australia’ International tours + much more!
Tommy is also the founder of ‘Adonis Dance Academy’ an online educational platform for everyday men to learn how to perform a lap dance.
His YouTube channel has over 40k + subscribers and he frequently releases new male striptease choreography for the online academy students. 

Specialised Choreography

Unlike conventional choreographers in today’s world – Tommy is completely different.

His style of dancing is highly niche and specialised in the area of striptease.

Most other choreographers simply do not know, understand or even care to think about how different the male stripper dance style is.

Only an experienced male stripper – knows exactly what works & what doesn’t in a male strip show.

Tommy Gun’s choreography reflect’s exactly that! His years of experience dancing all over the world has given him a unique insight into a masculine, sexual and seductive dance style that brings the ‘magic mike’ vibe to every performance!

Our Services

– Custom made choreography for you own needs.

– Stage show, personal use, theatre, film, solo performance – Tommy will design a striptease routine for your requirements.

– Full instructional video included with a step-by-step breakdown of the male stripper routine designed for you, in an easy to follow tutorial format.

– Packages include full email and video support from Tommy himself. Send in your practice videos for feedback and customised notes and evaluation on performance.

– We also offer in-person training and lessons.

Male Stripper Choreography Packages For Everyone!

Basic Package

– Unique choreography designed for you.
– Instructional tutorial video teaching the choreography.

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Pro Package

– Unique choreography designed for you.
– Instructional video tutorial.
– Customised feedback on practice footage submitted by you (4 sessions).
– Full email support & questions.

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1 on 1 GOLD Package

– Hire Tommy himself to work with you personally in a dance studio space.
– 1 on 1 attention and coaching.
– Unique choreography designed for you.
– Instructional video tutorial.
– Customised feedback on practice footage submitted by you (4 sessions).
– Full email support & questions.

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Personalised Male Striptease Choreography



If there is a specific song, idea or concept you want to bring to LIFE, then send me a message and let’s open up dialogue.
I can create a solo piece of  choreography, or, i also work with groups for stage choreography.

- Tommy Gun

Watch Tommy’s Striptease Choreography

All packages include an instructional tutorial video like the one below, in which Tommy will teach the male stripper choreography – Talk directly with Tommy and let him know exactly what YOU want!

What Makes Striptease Choreography Different?

99.9% of Choreographers are just professional dancers.
All they have known and experienced in their career is regular dancing.


They have never performed in a room full of screaming women chanting “Take it off!, Take it off!”.


They have never had to ‘strip’ on stage, let alone go the ‘full monty’.


They have never needed to ‘turn on’ the audience in a very sexual and interactive way.


Simply put: normal choreographers do NOT understand what is appropriate for a male strip show routine.


You wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix your lights… so it only makes sense to have a male stripper choreographer, to do your male strip show choreography.


So What Is Male Stripper Choreography?

Male strippers perform completely different to all other styles of dance.


In male striptease you are required to seduce and tease the audience, in an exotic display of masculine yet sexual dance moves.


The performance should include audience interaction, lap dancing, classic “male stripper” styled movements & most importantly UNDRESSING!


In a normal ‘Hip Hop’ or ‘Breakdance’ dance routine you will never see the above criteria.
However the these performing traits are a MUST HAVE for all male strippers.


Male striptease dance style is a mixture of modern dance moves, floor work, audience interaction, chair lap dancing technique and ‘wow factor’ tricks and will ‘shock and awe’ the audience.


if you want your dance choreography to have that ‘Magic Mike’ feel, then you need to hire a choreographer who understands the industry and most importantly… the audience!


International male stripper ‘Tommy Gun’ is a veteran male stripper who has performed in high calibre show and venue around the world, including the fabulous Las Vegas!
He lives and breathes this industry since he began performing in it since the young age of 18!

Happy Customers!

Best male stripper school in the world. My company (BillyRockEntertainment) sends all our talent to Tommy’s school as a requirement prior to being hired. Much Respect for him and his business. God Bless.

- Billy Rock

Owner and director, "Billy Rock Entertainment"

Awesome program, I started about 2 months ago and I’m already putting it into practice at the bar/restaurant I’ve worked in the past few years. Tommy, gives great advice within the lessons, and is willing to answer any questions punctually that you may have.

- Luke Holbrook

Source: Google Reviews, Male Stripper Academy.

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