Tear Away Pants & Clothing Shop

Welcome to our male stripper costume shop. You will find only the highest quality hand made male stripper clothing, designed by dancers/performers & produced in Australia. We ship world-wide and can also make custom designs and unique requests.
If there is something you need that we don’t have yet – email us @ support@malestripperacademy.com and we will see what we can do!
Also keep in mind – We are boutique store, this means we make orders as we recieve them. We require 28 days flexibility to make your order.
Our tear away jeans/cargo pants are perfect for:
– Theatre productions
– Firebrigade uniform station pants
– People with disabilty’s/Injury
– Sports ‘smart wear’
– Dancers & Male strippers

  • CARGO Pants | Rip Off/Tear Away

  • G-String | Mens (For Male Strippers)

  • JEANS | Rip Off/Tear Away Pants

  • male stripper costume police shirt top

    Police/Navy Officer – Uniform Costume Shirt

  • sleeveless shirt

    Sleeveless Suit/Dinner Shirt


Male Stripper Clothing: Made In Australia – Designed for EVERYONE!

All our male stripper clothing products are made right here in Gold Coast, Australia (shipping world-wide). 
The workshop is located about 10 mins from the academy head office.

Your costumes are hand made by one of the most experienced costume designers in Australia ‘Jim Ioannides’, who frequently works with Warner Bros Studio costume department, to make all the major studio film’s clothing on set (his recent work was featured in the latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film).

Our male stripper costume selection is PREMIUM QUALITY, we don’t cut corners or use cheap material. Only the BEST. Always. So if you want to pay for quality – you’ll get it.

We are a game changer for anyone who needs tear away pants/clothing. Our costumes, pants, shirts and uniforms and specially designed to fit and look fantastic (not tacky). The rip off/tear away pants are wildly popular for that exact reason.
We are the ONLY company in the market making HIGH QUALITY & FASHIONABLE tear away clothing.

How do I use my tear away pants?

In this video I will show you exactly how to use your new rip off pants. Its simple and easy!
Our tear away pants are simple to use and are made to last!

Tear Away Pants – Made for people living with disability & injury.

Unfortuantly not everyone is blessed with the abilty to have full range of movement, or perfect health. For this important reason we also are proud to offer a premium quality product that looks great and fit’s well.

Our rip off / tear away jeans will help make your life easier. With quick release velcro to make undressing a thing of ease!

We ship WORLD WIDE – and are happy to provide premium rip off pants to help people all over the world living with disability & injury. 

You no longer need to settle for cheap, ugly and poorly made tear away pants from China, that will fall apart in the stitching in the crotch. We take pride in being able to give you quality tear away pants that will last, look great and fit well. 

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