Male Stripping 101 – “The Complete guide”

With over 40 step-by-step instructional videos, workout + diet plans, full email and community support, 1 on 1 consulting, pre-made stripping routine templates and a free listing in the student recruitment portal, this is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to CHANGE their life, make MONEY and learn the secrets to successful male stripping!

The Lapdance Masterclass – “A Gift To Remeber Forever”

A specialised online course for everyday men who want to learn how to perform a striptease for their partner.
Learn the skills of the lapdance to shock & awe on your first date, or, to ignite that spark in your relationship. 
In this course you will learn all 1 on 1 striptease secrets to make your own routine, or, just simply follow the pre-made routine we have available for you for FREE. 
Easy to follow video tutorials with instructions and demonstrations. Men – it’s time to step up our bedroom game!

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Male Stripping 101 – “The Complete Guide” Is hosted entirely online.

Accessible on any device, at anytime, that can connect and browse the internet.

You can take our video lesson’s from home, on a train or at a dance studio.

Once you enrol as a student, you become part of our community. Your instructor ‘Tommy’ will be actively touching base with you via social media, to make sure you are understanding everything and answering any questions.

Our students create an account with a unique username and password to access the online course material. You are given unlimited access to all of Tommy’s knowledge and everything he can offer, from his years of experience as an internationally recognised male stripper.

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So what’s included?

– Access to BOTH “Lapdance Masterclass” + “Male Stripping 101” online courses.
– Lifetime access to over 65+ tutorial videos.
– Dance move lessons.
– Lapdance technique.
– Fitness program & Diet advice.
– Full email and video chat support from your mentor ‘Tommy’.
– FREE listing on our student recruitment portal, for job opportunity.
– Pre-made stripper routine music files.
– Payment plan available.
– Personal critique and analysis on your performing.

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