4 Simple & Sexy Dance Moves For Men (to impress women)

4 Sexy Dance Moves Men Can Use To Impress Women

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Learning how to dance is one of the greatest assets a man can have when trying to impress women, either in the club, at a party or even on a Tik Tok video!

My name is Tommy Gun, I’ve been working as a male stripper all over the world for over 10 years and I want to share with you 4 easy to learn, effective dance moves YOU can use to impress your girl.

1) A Sexy and Simple ‘Side-Step’ Dance Move

Sometimes it’s best to focus on the simple dance moves, and do them well.
Have you ever been at a bar and seen a good dancer just cruising on the dance floor? More often than not, a good dancer won’t be doing anything that CRAZY… they probably are doing simple dance moves, but they do them effortlessly & perfectly!
As much as you want to learn all the technical and impressive moves, the first step all beginners must make is to MASTER the basics.

In the above video, I will teach you how to master a simple side step movement. This is probably the most basic thing you can do on a dance floor, however, if you do it well you can make it look really sexy!
I’m glad you asked!
It’s all about making dancing look effortless. That’s where ‘style’ comes from. The ability to do something that is inherently difficult, in an effortless manner.

The side step movement is particularly great because it allows you to show you can dance, without looking like your purposely showing off.

It’s very easy to accidentally look like you have a huge ego on the dance floor, but there is a simple rule you can apply…
Do you know how often amazing dancers get judged by other people when they bust out big moves? It’s happens all the time. “Look at him, he’s so up himself”, “jeez, attention seeking much?”, these are common things you’ll hear other people say.

Now; the key to avoiding this is to focus on small and simple dance moves whilst your ‘grooving’ to the beat. A perfect example? Yes, that’s right, the side step movement! So many men struggle to do a simple side step. They always make it look awkward.

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When can you bust out the really sexy dance moves? You can start to show off your repertoire of dance moves when there is a dance circle, or when there is a group of people around partying with you encouraging you.
If you’re alone, and all of a sudden you start busting out big moves by yourself, you’ll look like your an attention seeker.
Master the basics, and women will notice your rhythm. The big moves will just scare them away, so focus on simple dance moves. Trust me.

2) The ‘Double Leg Body Roll’ Dance Move

In this dance move tutorial I take a simple (and sexy) ‘body roll’ move and turn it into an eye catching dance move to single out and show an obvious interest with the particular female you are dancing with.

Dancing sexy in a bar can only get you so far until you must up the courage to engage with someone else. If you’re lucky, she will start dancing and grinding on you, but traditionally, women like men to take responsibility and make the first move.

The double leg body roll can be used when closing the personal gap between you and your woman. Ideally in a club you want to close that small personal gap, and transition into a very close and intimate style of dancing, where you can ‘bump n grind’ with each other.

This is one of the many dance move tutorials we have in the ‘Lap Dance Masterclass’ online course, you can check out more info here.

The great thing about the double leg body roll is that it’s versatile with many different genres of music and bpm. It also shows a level of confidence to be able to pull of a body roll, but don’t go overboard with using this move. It can look awkward and strange if used too often, so focus on using this move at the right time.

3) The ‘Triangle Glide’ Dance Move

If you want to add some ‘class’ and elegance to your dancing, then this “MJ” dance move is sure to capture attention.
As you probably already know, Michael Jackson was very famous for his moonwalk and gliding dance moves, and boy can I tell you, his dance moves really impress women.

The triangle glide demonstrates a level of talent that most women wouldn’t normally see. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd or create more room around yourself on the dance floor, the gliding movement can do exactly that.

The gliding movement looks like you’re almost floating above the dance floor when done correctly, it’s almost as if the floor is ice, and you are sliding around on it.

This eye illusion dance move is very interesting to most women as they probably haven’t seen many people do such dance moves in real life, so practice up, because this one is a game changer!

4) The ‘Cowboy Hip Thrust’ Dance Move

Ah, the classic hip thrust. This is the ‘go-to’ move for all male strippers around the world. It’s such a great dance move for men to learn because it is essentially a replication of a sexual body movement most commonly seen in the bedroom! When women see men do sexual hip thrust movements, they go crazy!

Women love this dance move because it subconsciously suggests sexual themes to the girls, they see the thrusting movement and immediately begin the associate the dance move with sexual positions.

If you can do this move really well, this will subconsciously suggest to women that you are great in bed! They will look at the way your hips are moving begin to fantasise about how you will perform in the bedroom.

If you’re looking to impress women then you MUST learn this dance move! It’s used best when performed in a lapdance/striptease environment, not so much on a dance floor.


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