What Is The Recuitment Portal?

Thats a great question!
This is a place where you can upload your own showreel (audition tape) so managers, agent’s and business owners in the male stripper industry can find you and hire you!

It’s like an online directory for male strippers, however we only list Male Stripper Academy Student’s – So it’s exclusive! 

We do this because we want business owners in the industry to hire only the best professionally trained male strippers!
For more info on our male stripper directory portal watch the video!

How to get listed on our database:

All student’s in our online course can submit 1 professional video showreel. This will essentially be your audition tape for business owners to see your talent!

Your video must be uploaded to YouTube, If you wish to keep this video private, simply select “unlisted” when uploading the showreel. Then send us the video link in the form on this page.

Only professionally made videos will be listed on our database.
– Footage introducing yourself and who you are.
– Some examples of your dancing (in a studio or at home) and/or outfits & routines you may have.
–  Your performer name written on the screen.
– And include footage of anything else that is relevant (such as: singing, acting, comedy, stunt’s, acrobatics, bodybuilding, etc). 
– *Bonus* if you have any footage of yourself stripping this would be even better, but it’s not compulsory. 

If your country or city isn’t listed in our database – don’t stress!
Just leave us a note with your city name and country and we will add it into the system!

But… Um… What do I include? Help me!?

It’s ok! just watch the video below of my example audition tape:

(Your stage name)
This will be how employers will contact you - so make sure it's active and current!
Please make sure you send us the full URL