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1) Click on your city to see professionally trained student’s from our academy.
2) Watch their showreels (audition tapes) and shortlist the ones you like.
3) Fill out the form with a list of names you would like to interview for your business and you will be put in contact with them directly!

Our male stripper student’s have all completed the Male Stripper Academy training online course and are ready for employment. 
If you city isn’t listed in our list – it’s probably because we haven’t had any submissions for it yet. So just click on the nearest city to you!

What is the student recuitment portal?

It’s basically an online directory for male strippers who are looking for work. If you need to hire a male stripper – you can contact anyone listed here directly, to offer them an interview or employment. 

All our male stripper student’s are trained to be professional and reliable.
They all have access to our online course and are very motivated!

For more info on how this all works watch the video!