Upon payment of the “performance deposit” you agree to the following terms and conditions of the booking, to protect the performers interests.
– For party bus T&C’s please see the conditions of booking at the bottom of this page –

Section 1)

  • When booking a male strip show service (this includes the G-string show, full monty show, 30min show or Dancing bear show) – You agree to booking an entertainer to perform for you at your specified location. Your entertainer will always maintain a 1.5m distance from all attendees, and if at any point you want more space or feel uncomfortable – you must voice your concerns immediately to the entertainer or remove yourself from the vicinity of the performance.
  • You agree to take full responsibility to maintain all social distancing and ‘covid-safe’ guidelines are maintained. As the booking person – you are also responsible for keeping all social distancing guidelines in tact.
  • As the booking person – You are required to provide an accurate and finalised list of all attendees along with their full name and mobile number, this list must reflect all the attendees on the night. Only people who have included on this list may be allowed to attend the show.
  • At no point will human contact be made during our services, and if human contact is made, the booking person accepts full responsibility for failing to maintain the social distancing guidelines.
  • You agree to accept the risk of possible state border closures, and in the event of a state border closure – you will not receive any refund of the online booking payment.
  • In the event of imposed social gathering & business activity related restrictions due to covid-19 – you will not be refunded the online booking payment if your event needs to be cancelled. Cancellations can only be requested & issued at least 1 month prior – You will not receive any refund until your request is at least 1 month prior.


    Section 2) No refund will be made if:

  • 1. A deposit is received without any online or phone communication to inquire about availability of any performer. So please email in advance to make sure we have availability before making deposit.

  • 2. The show was stopped by hotel security. It’s your responsibility to abide by the hotel’s policy and book your performer accordingly.

  • 3. A confirmed booking has been cancelled within 2 weeks of the performance date.

  • 4. The performer leaves the booking early due to physical harm.

  • 5. You refused to pay the performer the full amount of payment they are owed, and to what was previously agreed upon.

  • 6. You refuse the pay the performer on arrival before they begin to commence the service.

  • 7. The “add extra performer” deposit is non-refundable.

  • 8. You cancel the event due to covid-19 state border closures rendering your inability to attend the event. 

Section 3) A refund WILL be given under the following circumstances:

  • 8. The client has given 2 weeks notice to cancel a booking for any reason not related to covid-19 government restrictions and health directions. (a refund of $5 for “add extra performer deposit”, $10 for 1 performers deposit, $20 for 2 performer deposit, $30 for 3 performer deposit, $40 for 4 performer deposit).

  • 9. A performer did not arrive to the booking (full refund).

  • 10. The performer was late resulting in an inability to perform the show (full refund).

  • 11. The wrong performer arrived on the night of the booking without prior notice (full refund).

Section 4) Rules and conditions of booking:

  • 12. Photography and recording is up to the discretion of the performer so it is compulsory to ask before the performance. Please respect the performers privacy.

  • 13. The agreed cash payment on the night is to be paid to the performer on arrival and before they commence the service.

  • 14. There is strictly no engagement of sexual activity with the performer during the show and booking time frame.

  • 15. No underage audience members (18+ age limit only within the room).

  • 16. No physical harm to the performer (no vicious scratching please).

  • 17. It is your responsibility to provide a safe environment for the performer (E.g, no broken glass, soapy floor, no hazardous chemicals, If you are smoking then PLEASE smoke outside, no illicit drugs and no pets) If any of these conditions are breached there will be no refund if the performer leaves or you are unsatisfied.

  • 18. Please allow 15mins flexibility with the booking time frame, due to traffic and nightly schedule.

  • 19. The agency has the right to fully refund the client and cancel the booking effective immediately for any reason, for the best interest and safety of the performers if need be.

  • 20. It’s the clients responsibility to provide a suitable chair to use for the show. Chair’s will not be brought to the booking by the performer. The provided chair by the client must be: strongly built with 4 legs and a back rest. ‘Gold Coast Entertainers’ will not be held liable if the chair is damaged during the performance, so please supply a stable and strong chair.

  • 21. Please clear the performance area of any breakable/delicate furniture or items. It is recommended that you set the performance area away from the TV and display cabinets. It is also recommended you move coffee tables and any display items away from the performance area, of at least 6-8 meters. If the client fails to meet the criteria, ‘Gold Coast Entertainers’ will not be held liable for any items damaged.

  • 22. If ANY of the above rules are breached then the performer has every right to leave the premises.

  • 23. If your booking details are changed within 2 weeks of the performance date, resulting in a reduction to the total amount owing on the day, the entertainer will require $50 compensation fee to cover loss of potential work – this is to be paid to the entertainer on the day.

  • 24. If you decide to change your booked entertainer within 2 weeks of the booking date, you will be required to pay an additional $50 (this can be paid on the night). We put this measurement in place out of fairness to our entertainers, so they receive compensation for loss of work.

  • 25. If an entertainer is cancelled within 2 weeks of the performance date, you may be liable to pay a $50 compensation fee, as a result of the loss of work on our entertainers behalf. (when our entertainers confirm for you, they reject other jobs that they could have taken because they have locked in your time slot).