Sexy Dancing Tips For Men – A Beginners Guide

Sexy Dancing Tips For Men – A Beginners Guide

If you look at male strippers, you’ll notice 2 things.
1) The way they dance is very masculine and sexual.
2) Regardless if you like it or not, women LOVE it and they go crazy for that style of dance.

Male strippers have a unique way of dancing, and nobody ever really talks about it.
So today i’m going to give you 6 easy to apply steps to help you learn the secrets of striptease dancing.

The methods I’m going to show you in this video will make your dancing look really sexy and appealing to women.

Our students at Male Stripper Academy use this information to improve their relationships, self confidence or even to pick up girls at the club.

  • Dance with confidence.

  1. This means you need to look up, don’t look at the ground or your feet. And don’t be afraid to make eye contact.
  2. You should also take risk’s with your dancing. Don’t play it safe. Show that you aren’t afraid of being judged and go for some very intimate and personal dance moves.
  3. Dancing with confidence also means being relaxed, not tense – smiling and enjoying yourself.
  4. If you’re stressed, nervous and tense, it will show in your dancing. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself.
  5. Confident dancing will look appealing, and it will make other people want to join in with you.
  6. If you’re taking it too seriously, others won’t want to engage with you. You’ll scare them off.

Male strippers always want the audience to engage with them, and they are able to accomplish this by hgh cycle dancing with confidence, smiling, and making eye contact.

If you would like some helpful tips on how to dance with confidence check out the Adonis Dance Academy

sexy dance move tips for men

  • Go for the big dance moves.

Another thing you’ll notice about male strippers is that they aren’t afraid to go for the big, dynamic dance moves.

Such example include huge full body rolls, hip thrusts and big spins.

The big dance moves are just another example of demonstrating that confidence with your dancing.

But more than that – It is also memorable. Women never remember men who play it safe when they dance – but they will remember the big dance moves you did.

If they liked the dance move or not is actually irrelevant, because it’s more about flaunting your personality. And women are attracted to big personalities.

It’s better to be remembered for something than forgotten completely.

The Adonis Dance Academy features heaps of amazing eye catching, and sexy dance moves specifically designed for everyday men, and easy to learn!

sexual dance moves for men

  • If you’re dancing in the club – make sure your dancing intensity has variety.

This might sound a little confusing, so let me explain…

Firstly, I will use the example of images – The human eye its subconsciously attracted to contrast in an image.

If you put a pale, washed out image next to an image with high contrast – our eye will immediately be drawn to the high contrast image.

The same things happens in music, we are more likely to listen to audio tracks with noticeable low and high frequencies – as opposed to just low or just high audio samples.

And we can also see this in the reporting, the majority of citizens are attracted to read highly polarised and controversial news stories.

These are all examples of contrast, and the same principles apply to your dancing.

if you want people to be attracted to your dancing, you also need to show contrast. And one way you can do this is by showing a variety of intensities.

A dancer who is going 100% all the time, sweating, and jumping around like crazy, is going to scare away and intimidate others.

On the other hand, a dancer who is grooving with the beat and chilling, will be easily forgotten.

You need to show women your rang, show them you can go fast… then slow. Hard…. then soft.

Head dance instructor ‘Tommy Gun’ teaches a unique method on how to apply dancing intensity variety at Adonis Dance Academy, check it out!

sexy male stripper dance moves

  • Use floor dance moves.

If you’ve seen Magic Mike, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

This is something you’ll want to do for your girlfriend or wife in private, and it screams sexual energy.

I’m talking about those classic male stripper floor moves that make women go crazy.

Why do they love it? Because it subconsciously suggests that the way you can move your hip and body on the floor, will be similar to how you can move in the bedroom.

Many of the male stripper dance moves performed on the floor are in fact very closely replicated to sexual positions and movements, so it’s not hard to see why people think that way.

For these reasons it’s important you get down on the floor and show her what you can do.

One of the best dance moves you can do on the floor is a body roll + hip thrust with a circular movement with your knees.

Adonis Dance Academy has an entire video lesson module on floor dance moves!

floor dance moves

  • Dance from your hips.

Most people would agree that latino dancing styles are very sexual, and there’s a good reason for this. It’s because they dance from their hips.

Hip movement and dancing that demonstrates flexibility and fluidness is sexually appealing.

The suggestive themes of dancing with your hips will portray a level of unpredictability with your character.

Even though latin dancing is very structured, the way it looks suggests otherwise. This because the way the body moves and bends is very unconventional. And therefore appealing.

An example would be: If you look at someone doing the robot dance – this isn’t very sexy.

It’s because of the rigid nature or the movements – as opposed the the fluid movement of latin dancing.

So in order to master sexual striptease dance styles, you need to learn how to dance from your hips and have fluid body movement.

Some great examples are body rolls, hip grinding, hip thrust, isolation hip exercises and side to side movement.

sexy dance moves for men

  • Learn how to touch your body in an erotic way.

I’m talking about creasing your body, like sliding your hands around your neck and down your chest

If you thought touching yourself whilst dancing is just something females did, then your wrong.

It’s a common mistake most guys make. They think they look really feminine if they do it.

Truth is, if you don’t do it correctly, then yes, it can look really bad and cheesy.

But if you have been taught correctly, then touching yourself whilst dancing can be a massive turn on for women.

You need to learn how to touch yourself whilst dancing with the music.
So it’s not like your just standing there rubbing yourself.

Basically, the act of creasing your body will be an actual dance move. So you’ll need to start and finish the movement with the beat of the music.

Additionally, you should also be careful to not do too much body caressing and then it can look weird.

The movements should be done effortlessly, and lightly, let your hands slide down and around your body. Allow your fingers to contour around the curves.
Don’t show any friction and sudden jerking movements, this will look bad.
And once your finished the movement move straight away into another dance move, don’t let the audience wait for something to happen.

Body caressing should be part of the experience of your sexual dance style, not the focus.
Try the classic move of around the ear and down the neck.
Or try the double arm down the neck – then down the torso with a body roll.
Or even attempt a side to side movement with a slide movement up the arms.


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See you soon.

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