How To Make Tips As A Male Stripper

It’s the question thats on most male strippers mind’s. “How can I make more money?” because after all, that’s why we’re here! Today I’m going to break down exactly how you can increase your tips and private lap dance sell rate.

This is a proven formula thats used all over the world, and it made me highly successful in selling dances in a male strip club environment. Keep reading if you want to make some serious money!

How do you make tips as a male stripper?
You need to apply popular sales tactics, before, during and after your show. Utilise methods such as up-selling beforehand, playing tipping games during the show and finish by offering additional dances at reduced rates afterwards. 

The pre-sale

An experienced male stripper, working in a ladies only specific venue, will be able to make large amounts of money from selling private lap dances.

There’s a certain skill to how they persuade customers to spending lot’s of hard earned cash on them, and it’s not what you would think.

The foundation of selling private lap dances comes from a good stage solo.

During the night, the strippers will get an opportunity to step on the main stage and do a solo show for about 5-10minutes, this happens on a scheduled basis like clockwork.

When doing you solo, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your skills and create desire within the girls. So when you get up there, make sure you are on your A-game!

There is certain techniques to use when on stage to maximise your potential customer reach (I go into more detail on this in the online course), however I will say, that you should spend the first minute or so, purely focusing on dancing ability and skill.

You do not want to start thrusting your genitals in girls faces without first seducing them, we all know women like foreplay, and it’s the same on stage.

Making the small sale

With any good marketing tactic’s, luring the customer in with a small, low risk sale is the best way to warm them up to spending more money on you. In the strip club this will be the quick moments of attention you give to the girls next to the stage.

Make sure you invite the girls to tip you without looking to forceful. Smile at them and pull the waist band of your pants/underwear forward, in most cases the girls with dollar bills in their hands will gladly put a couple in your pants.

Now this next part is really important – give the girls who tip you the right amount of attention. You don’t want to sell yourself short for $1, So make sure all they receive is a tease, enough for them to appreciate the attention, but at the same time making them want more.

A perfect example would be guiding their hands down your chest once and dancing in front of the specifically for about 5-10 seconds.

Bumping up the offer

After your stage solo is finished this is where the real magic happens. The best strippers don’t make their money on the stage – they make it in the private rooms.

If you danced amazing and left a good impression, the girls will remember you and will notice you almost immediately after the show.

If your lucky girls will come up to you straight away and buy a dance, however in most cases, they will be a little nervous and will require you to be proactive.

When approaching the women in the club, you can apply my technique of selling private dances from the online course ‘Male Stripping 101’.

But another technique is to begin walking around and selling another small offer (slightly bigger than the first offer though).

The offer will be a $5 lap dance to be done right there, in the club on a chair / couch.

Now how long you do this for is completely up to you, however I recommend about 30 seconds is enough to show a couple of moves and give her a little more attention to increase desire.

It’s another easy sale you can make, because with enough flirting and compliments, you can get them on the impulse buy. Target their emotions and make them special.

It’s also useful because they don’t have to leave their group of friends, which is one of the hardest obstacle to overcome when selling a private dance.

Some strippers like to adopt the ‘hard sale’ technique. This is when they give the $5 lap dance first – then pull their pants forward asking for the $5.

In my experience it immediately creates a feeling of being ‘tricked’ and ‘cheated’ into something with the customers, and they are less likely to buy a more expensive dance from you later.

The private dance

This is what it all comes down to, a private lap dance in a special room, for a duration of about 3-5 minutes (or however long you want, you charge your price!)

Most male strippers charge around $50 for this, however your price and how long you want to spend is your choice (you should always be open to negotiating with the girls, it’s better the make a sale than non at all).

When asking for the private dance, do it immediately after your $5 dance. Once again you want to sell them the offer when their emotions are high and they are completely seduced by you.

I’ll share a little trick with you: Near the end of your $5 dance, have your pants pulled low down your waist, and very slowly guide her hands down your body until they are inches away from your touching your junk, then stop immediately. Look her in the eye and say ‘I’m not allowed to do this in the club floor, do you want to come to the private room with me for a bit? It’s $50 and we can get intimate, follow me”.

Grab her hand and guide her to the rooms straight away, and 9/10 you will make the sale. Trust me.

Now If she doesn’t want to pay for the private lap dance, it could be just bad timing for some reason your not aware of, or she’s still not sure about it. Either way, you should defiantly come back to her again in about 20-30 minutes. Give her time and space to contemplate what she could be missing out on.

When you approach her again, spend more time on socialising and flirting to increase the emotional response. If she still not interested after the second time, she’s not going to by a dance. Spend your time somewhere else.

So if your working in a strip club and failing to make the same amount of money as some of the other guys, then put these tips into action.

Use a system of selling small offers to warm your customers up.

Don’t forget to provide them with good quality attention every time they pay you, as it will build trust with your client, and they will feel safe knowing that they will get exactly what they payed for when sell the big offer.

I you have any question don’t hesitate to contact me on social media or leave a comment bellow.

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