How Much Money Do Male Strippers Make?

It seems to be the first question all beginners ask experienced male strippers, “how much money do male strippers make?”.

Well it’s actually a good question. You never accept a job offer during an interview without knowing how much your going to be paid, do you?

It’s a complex question, and how much you can earn is a direct result of your location, skill and experience. Having said that, I will do my best to break it down and give you a very good idea of what you can potentially make.

First up, to understand how much money male strippers make – we have to look at the different areas of stripping. Not all male strippers make the same money, and this is because many do slightly different types of jobs. Let me elaborate for you below.

How much money do male strippers make?

Male strippers doing private booking can earn anywhere between $200 USD – $800 USD per night, with most bookings only being on the weekend. Usually 1 night, the Saturday night, is the most common night where most of the money is earnt.

In the strip club

Good male strippers know the importance of selling private lap dances over anything. If you can master the art of selling private lap dances then you will walk away in one night with a large enough profit to last the entire week.

Lets say you have an OK night in a busy male strip club.

You have about 4 stage solo spots scheduled for the night (make sure you have a different costume every time!).

Now during those solo’s you made about $30 in $1 bills.

In between your stage solo’s you were able to walk around the strip club and sell 15 lap dances in the open club space for $5 each.

Of those 15 dances you sold, 10 of those girls bought another lap dance from you in the private room for $50.

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4 x $30 = $120
15 x $5 = $75
10 x $50 = $500

Total earning’s for the night = $695

That’s pretty dam good for 1 nights work! For most people, that’s enough money to easily last the week.

If you have a good body, and your ok with this type of work, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to get involved in this industry, It’s incredibly useful to have a second source of income that pays you cash in hand. I’ve seen male strippers loose their day job, yet not have to worry about money, all because they still had stripping. It has allowed them to pay the bills, put food on the table and even pay off student loans.

Doing private booking (strip-g-grams)

In the industry where you visit peoples houses/hotel rooms to do private shows for bachelorette and birthday parties (or any occasion really), the amount of money you can make is a result of how many pre-bookings you get.

I explain all the different techniques you can apply to book out your work calendar 2 months in advance in my online course male stripping 101.

How much you earn will also be determined by what services you can offer. The more variety you can offer in show types and costumes the more bookings you will get.

For instance, If all you have is a policeman and fireman costume, and you only offer G-string shows (non nude – only strip down to G-string), you will only get about 30% of all possible bookings. Thats a huge margin to miss out on, purely because you can’t offer what the client is looking for.

Your pay rate will also change in every country, for that reason it’s almost impossible for me to give you an idea of how much you can make. However, having performed all over the world, I can give you an idea of what strippers make in 3 different countries.

So let’s break down how much you can make as a stripper doing private bookings in: Australia, England and UK.

In England male strippers make about 100 – 120 pounds for a full monty (full nude) strip show (15mins), In Australia you will be paid $200 for a full monty show and in the USA you will only make about $50 – $100 for a 15minute show full monty show.

Now your probably wondering why the US is paid at such a lower rate, well there is good reason for this. You need to take into account the fact that male strippers in the United States get paid generally in tips also, hence why the base rate of pay is smaller. If you’re a great entertainer, you can expect to make anywhere from $50 – $100 extra in tips.

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In the US they also have 30min booking and 1 hour bookings. The longer the booking, the more potential you can make in tips. All male strippers in the US should have a good variety of tipping games to play on the night, so your never caught out just walking around looking bored and asking for money.

Now given all the above information, a successful male stripper will be able to book his weekend out with at least 6-8 jobs distributed over Friday and Saturday night.

Now if you’re in Australia for instance (my home) and you have 8 bookings, thats a total of $1,600 cash in hand for a weekend of work! Not bad at all!

Male revue shows

In this line of stripping work, your going to be paid the least amount of money (there are a few exceptions to this and I will elaborate later).

The reason behind the low pay is because your restricted to only doing the 1 show on the night (the male revue show). A male revue is a full theatre style ‘bells and whistles’ stage show. The sort of show that women purchase tickets for, and usually require pre-booking.

It’s a show that has a tight group of guys that always work together and perform as backup dancers in each others routines.

Generally, these shows will want you there the whole night. You are required to give at least 4-5 hours of your time getting there before the show to get ready and also hanging around after to sign pictures with the audience and take photos.

This makes it particularly hard to get any other private bookings on the side, as the show will be during the ‘peak hours’ of your night every weekend.

Pay for a male revue show will defiantly vary from show to show, so you’re going to have to ask them directly how much they pay. But as a good rough estimate, it will be about the same price as 2 private bookings in your country.

Male revue shows typically work on an invoice basis, not cash in hand. So if your looking to hide your hard earned money from the tax department, I wouldn’t recommend this option.

Now the exceptions to this, would be if you joined an internationally acclaimed male revue show such as Thunder From Down Under, Chippendales or Sixpaxxx. These shows consist of touring teams that have show schedules booked out for the whole year all over the world. You will be doing about 4 – 5 shows a week depending on your schedule and getting paid well for each show (not to mention all the places you will see).

The only downside to this is competition is high to get accepted into one of these shows, making it an unrealistic option for beginners with no experience.

There we go! Thats a rough idea of what you can expect to earn in the 3 different disciplines of male stripping. I hope you have learnt something and have now gained a wider knowledge of this exciting industry.

If you have any, and I mean ANY questions, don’t be afraid to message me on social media via the platforms below, or leave a comment! Good luck!

Tommy is an internationally recognised male entertainer, with experience performing in country’s all over the world. His online courses in male stripping have helped men become better male strippers and have become a recognised qualification by many agency’s and shows around the globe.


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