5 things i love about male stripping

If you curious as to why somebody would become a male stripper, then I can think of many reasons. I have listed my top 5 benefits of being a male stripper in the industry today.

1. Freedom.

One of the greatest benefits of this industry is having the freedom to choose when and where you would like to work.

Not only that, male stripping is a skill you can bring to all parts of the globe. So if your travelling or working in another country, it’s a skill you can implement and make fantastic money from immediately.

As a stripper who has spent a considerable amount of time in the private booking (house visit) industry, I am able to fully book my schedule at least 2 moths in advance and enjoy the ability to choose when I want to work, on my own terms.

I’ve met many people who feel trapped by their job, restricted to specific work hours and required to comply with a million different corporate rules. Male stripping has never given me this feeling of isolation and confinement, if anything it’s liberated me to spend time with friends, family and people I love.

Essentially, it’s gifted me the most important thing in this whole world: time.

Time to spend relaxing on the beach, riding a bike, walking my dogs, reading books, watching movies and focusing on my own endeavours.

The fact that I can earn the same amount that an average person earns in a 5-day working week, in only 1 night, is one of the main reason’s many get into this industry. Imagine all the free time you can enjoy during the week.

What do most people people do with this time? Lot’s of male strippers can happily study a degree and live comfortably. I know many others who also work towards starting a business, using stripping as a supplement of cashflow for their dreams.

Freedom, an amazing feeling you will have both on stage, and financially in your life.

2. Money.

There very few occupations that pay as high as male stripping per hour, without the need to study for 4 years and spend thousands of dollars on a degree. It’s one of the those jobs, with the right guidance, you can start making serious money very quickly.

With the right mind frame, you can invest that money into your own education or life ambitions.

Many people facing financial instability, have found male stripping has saved them from falling into bad debt or even bankruptcy.

it’s a job that is (usually) paid cash-in-hand, now i’m not suggesting anything here, but I think we all know the HUGE benefits of getting cash directly into your pocket.

For those who have week day jobs, using male stripping to get over $1000 cash in your pocket every weekend, can make a dramatic change to your life.

It’s the difference in: paying off your mortgage or student loan, booking that holiday, buying that car or planning for an investment.

3. Women.

This one needs no introduction. If you’re a single guy, then this aspect will really appeal to you.

The sheer number of single women you will meet, who are genuinely drooling over you, always amazes new male strippers.

Gone are the days of having to chase women, doing all the hard work and spending money. One of the benefits of this job is having women chasing you.

Its very surreal feeling being the centre of attention on stage, surrounded by a room full of women screaming and cheering for your clothes to come off, so they can see you naked.

It’s a huge boost to your confidence, and ultimately will make you more comfortable around women in general.

This was a massive bonus to the job for me when I was a single guy.

As you can see there is plenty of opportunity to meet women in this industry.

4. Travel opportunity.

Those who are considering joining a male revue show, will usually be presented with an opportunity to go on tour and travel. Depending on how well known the show is, you could be travelling around your country, or even the world.

The show will cover you travel cost’s, such as flights/transport, accommodation and in some cases, even a meal every now and then. Pretty neat right?

Being able to see the world and get paid to perform for hundreds of women is a luxury most people never get to experience. For the most part, it’s nothing short of amazing and provides interesting life experience.

If you would like an interesting and unique way to see the world, I would strongly suggest auditioning for an international male revue show.

Myself with the Aussie Heat team @ Down town Las Vegas.

5. Future potential.

Male stripping has opened many doors of opportunity for myself and many others I’ve taught. I was able to have a successful modelling career through contacts I sourced in the industry, and was lucky enough to be featured in publications internationally.

I’ve known strippers who have gone into acting, and have made a promising career for themselves.  There is so much potential in this job to get your name out there, and network yourself in whatever way you like.

Lets take a look at an old “Manpower” stripper called Jamie Durie. He began his career as a male stripper, however soon became an international celebrity, appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey show”, and hosting many gardening and landscaping shows all over the world.

Your potential is only limited to the risk’s your willing to take. I find many people never start male stripping because they are afraid of being judged. Don’t let other peoples insecurities stop you from achieving greatness.

Jamie Durie is probably the most notable person who has achieved international fame from his humble beginnings as a male stripper.

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