Making Money As A Male Stripper – Performing A 30min Strip Show.

Getting booked for a half hour as a male stripper can be quite a daunting task, as most male strippers are accustom to doing only 15min routines.

30mins of performing is quite a long time, and if your not prepared, you risk the audience getting bored.

I will reveal an easy way to extend your current show to a 30min performance. If you’re not offering 30min strip shows as part of your services, this is defiantly something you need to consider. Its a secret that will double your weekly income as a male stripper!

You can charge extra for the additional time, which is a fantastic way to up sell your clients, and in most cases, they will pay the extra premium if you market it as a ‘special 30min male strip show’ – with everybody guaranteed to get attention, not just the bachelorette (or birthday girl).

So how do you do it?

The best way is to do your normal 15min routine, and instead of doing your ‘full monty’ ending, keep your underwear on and begin a time consuming activity such as ‘body shots’ or ‘strawberries and cream’.

I find this to be the best solution, as opposed to choreographing a full 30min show (which will be very hard to memorise) plus the audience might get bored of seeing the same thing over and over.

The great thing about doing these activities is, you’re not constrained to any particular time frame, and you can finish them whenever you like. If your working in the US you will defiantly want to use the extra 15mins doing tipping games such as ‘stuff the dollar bill’ or the ‘dollar bill slap’, a full detailed explanation of these tipping games and how to play them can be found in our online course.

Use vocal authority to take control of these games / activities and explain what they have to do. Don’t be afraid to speak loudly and get the girls excited, it’s your job to be the life of the party, so show some confidence and direct the audience.

When the 30min mark is nearing, you should be looking to wrap up whatever activity your doing with the girls, and finish off with the ‘full monty’ (full nude) finale (if that has been requested).

It’s always good to finish on a high note, and I strongly suggest you always keep this part of your show for the very end, regardless of how long you are performing for. It’s our job to tease the girls, and you cannot achieve that effect if you get completely naked too soon.

The ‘strawberries and cream’ game

This is a really simple game to play to extend your show. Ask the room if the ‘special girl’ (bachelorette or birthday girl) “needs a special treat”, the rest of the girls will always say “YES!”

Once they have replied take out a container of strawberries and a can of whipped cream, then ask “shall we give her some strawberries and cream?”, all the girls will scream with excitement, trust me.

Explain how the game works to everyone. You apply whipped cream to your body, then hold a strawberry in your mouth. The nominated girl then has to lick the cream then eat the strawberry, but he’s the catch, the rest of the girls in the room get to choose where you put the cream.

It’s a fun game that takes up time and can repeat over and over for as long as you like.

Tip: Don’t physically let any other girl apply cream to your body, otherwise it will end in you being covered in cream. It’s the last thing you want and you will stink afterwards so make sure you’re the only one with the can.

Start this game off with the ‘special girl’ and repeat a few times with her, proceeding this you can ask her to nominate a few other girls in the room to play the game also.

Tequila body shots

I’m using tequila body shots, as opposed to regular body shot as the next example because it takes up more time in explaining and executing the shot. Use this to your advantage and don’t rush it as killing time is important for a 30min show.

You will need some tequila, salt and a few slices of lime. I always charge extra for the 30min show + whatever it cost’s me to supply all these props to cover my cost’s so i’m not out of pocket at the end of the show.

Once again start the game with the ‘special girl’, it’s her night and she should be the first to do everything. Lay a towel down on the ground for yourself, and lay down on it facing up.

So the nominated girl has to either straddle you or kneel down next to you.

Explain the process to her (as most girls will forget what’s the right order), she needs to lick salt off your chest, suck tequila from the middle of your abs and eat the lime from your mouth.

Easy right? But make sure you explain slowly and in detail because I can’t count the amount of time’s girls fail at remembering the correct order.

Once again, to keep it interesting get the girl who just did the shot to nominate someone else in the room, they always have heaps of fun picking on their friends, getting the sober girls involved.

I always have a small hand towel ready at the side for them when they finish the shot, as it’s common for these kinds of activities to get messy, especially when the girls are already drunk.

And thats the secret!

So theres a couple of ideas you can use to extend your 15min show into a 30min routine. It’s literally something you can implement into your booking schedule this weekend, because it doesn’t require any extra choreography / planning.

Just make sure you are interacting with everyone, have high energy levels and keep everybody interested and involved in your added activities.

It’s something every male stripper should be doing. You would be amazed at how ofter girls will upgrade you for the 30min show, and even pay double! It’s all about how well you can market and sell the show, and if you able to convert 50% of your booking to upgrade, you will greatly increase your ‘profit for time’ margin during the night!

Its takes a lot of time to pack up, get changed and drive to your next booking. So if you can get paid for ‘2 shows’ in 1 big 30min show, then you will notice dramatic differences in your cash income at the end of the night, you will be spending less time running around the city, and making more money!

This is just one of the many tips I have for making more money as a male stripper. Guys are wasting time running from low paid booking to another low paid booking. The secret to wealth is up-selling your clients! Making up grades! Getting paid more money per time spent dancing! Booking high paying shows!

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